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My Mission at Temple Training is to help adults, teens, youth and children with health, fitness and nutrition, a lifestyle change. To help our children to grow up to be healthy adults. Our children are our next generation and they need to be healthy in all aspects of life, "Mind, Body & Spirit," they are our future.

In addition, I speak and make myself available for different events at churches, women's retreats, functions, seminars, schools and businesses. Please contact Connie for an event. I also teach classes on health, fitness & nutrition and write for a local Fresno Magazine articles on health, fitness & nutrition from a Christian perspective.

I support our community by donating gift certificates to profit and non-profit organizations, events, businesses and schools in the Fresno, Clovis and surrounding areas, to help them raise money. Please contact Connie if you have a fundraiser, donation or auction coming up. Temple Training is not only a business to help people, but also a ministry.

I love what God has called me to do. He is equipping me to accomplish my mission, which is to help adults, teens, youth and children, Gods Temple, to be healthy... Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.

"Mind, Body, & Spirit".

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